A thoughtful and comprehensive go-to for athletic women

About the Book


Whether you are trying to get pregnant or just starting to think about it, look no further. Our book provides helpful information about the relationship between training and conception, and how to best prepare your body ahead of time to maximize your ability to continue exercising while pregnant.


A variety of topics are discussed as it relates to exercising while pregnant-and it's more than the basic guidelines. Practical tips for adjusting your nutrition with exercising, quick self checks to safeguard appropriate workouts, dealing with injuries, leveraging your skills as an athlete to cope with labour, and dealing with the emotional side of cutting back on your training are discussed.


Learn about our unique 3 phase approach to getting your groove back and see why it's not just a matter of heading to the gym or track when you think you're ready! You will also gain a newfound respect for your body, learn simple tips to enhance the breastfeeding experience while training and identify creative ways to balance your athletic lifestyle while raising a family.