About the Book


 Are you athletic and pregnant? Trying to balance both roles as a mom and as an athlete? Whether you are a recreational or high performance athlete, or a health care or exercise professional working with such women, The Athletic Mom-to-Be is a “must have” book for you! Backed by the latest research and advice from clinical and research experts, as well as input from over 40 competitive and non-competitive female athletes, the book provides practical guidelines on what to expect from training through every stage of pregnancy, from pre-conception to postpartum. Furthermore, this book will reach beyond exercise and pregnancy, as we know that pregnancy affects you on all levels - including your body, mind and spirit.  

Key Topics

  • How to best prepare your body before getting pregnant
  • How to maintain a healthy body for exercising and training during the ongoing changes of pregnancy and postpartum 
  • How to establish a smart training program both during and after pregnancy
  • How to use your skills as an athlete to cope during your labour and delivery
  • How to adjust, not just physically but also mentally, to the change in pace during this 9-month period and beyond
  • How to know when your body is ready for increased level of exercise postpartum
  • How to make sense of the common misconceptions regarding nutrition, breastfeeding and training​

 "A thorough, easy to read guide that covers a complete range of topics, and addresses the many questions that trying-to-get-pregnant/pregnant athletes often have. Sidebar anecdotes offer real life athlete perspectives. The book offers excellent multidisciplinary information that is current and evidence based, and provides guidance on when to seek healthcare professional input."

Dr Brenda Steinnagel, MD, CCFP, FCFP