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Jennifer Faraone and Carol Ann Wei's book is a thorough guide to the athletic woman's journey through pregnancy and motherhood. Faraone is an elite runner and coach and integrates information from her own experiences together with Weis's medical background as a chiropractor. This book is recommended to any woman considering pregnancy or looking to successfully blend life as an athlete and mother. The book leaves no detail untouched, delivering into topics from what to expect on delivery day to what to look for in health practitioners, coaches and training plans. The book contains anecdotes throughout,, offering real life experiences of women ranging in age athletic level and lifestyle. It also includes several scientific studies     that will help women to understand specific bodily functions and how to plan ahead for bumps in the road and injury prevention. The book also touches on another important aspect of training and motherhood: mental and emotional readiness. This insight into how to manage realistic expectations of yourself pre-and-post pregnancy will be sure to help readers tailor their training to fit their specific needs. The information it provides on how to manage exercise and pregnancy does not outweigh the detailed guide to phases of recovery and exploring the challenges that come with balancing family and competitive life once baby has arrived. Complete with charts and diagrams, any woman picking up this book will be sure to find information that pertains to her life as an athlete or a mother, regardless of whether she is one or both.

Review by Claire Duncan 

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A quick Internet search will help you find all kinds of information on pregnancy and exercise. But much of it is conflicting or widely out of date. As a mother-to-be, I grew disheartened that it was so difficult to find articles that seemed relevant to me and my abilities Now, athletic moms-to-be need search no more. 
Jennifer Faraone, a mom based in Ontario who is a runner and triathlon competitor teamed up with Dr. Carol Ann Weis to help cut through all the information out there and give clear guidelines for fit moms everywhere. It's incredibly comprehensive with information from a vast number of studies and experts and anecdotes from over 40 athletes. 
​The book covers everything about fitness and pregnancy beginning with getting the body ready for fertility and pregnancy itself. It continues by providing guidelines with the scientific explanations behind them for what pregnant women can do. Furthrmore, it guides mothers through postpartum recovery and fitness during nursing. Everything is evidence based, thoroughly researched and presented in an easy to follow manner. 
Aside from the factual aspects, one section I particularly appreciated focused on how every woman is different and every pregnancy is different. Stories are shared from many different athletes, some who continued to train, some who cut back a great deal, and some who opted to use pregnancy as a long break from hard workouts. Each story is meant to help the reader decide what is best for her and her baby and show that no two women will feel exactly the same way and that's okay. I only wish this book was published before I became pregnant, but I will definitely be using it after my baby is born to guide me through a successful recovery to get me back to my pre-pregnancy fitness. Athletic Mom-to-Be is a book every athletic woman who is pregnant, or even thinking about pregnancy should add to her diaper bag. 

Review by Linda Barton-Robbins 

Testimonials from Readers

"One of my big fears as a new mom was getting stuck with a mommy group that I had nothing in common with. This book is the mommy group you want to be part of."

"I am a health psychologist and I have researched exercise during pregnancy; This is an excellent book that I highly recommend."

"Don’t buy another book for the mom/mom-to-be; get her this book which will bring her so much more joy and a lot less laundry.  I used this book postpartum to regain my mental, physical and emotional well-being. I began racing 3 months post baby and used this book as a guide and mentor to get back me back out there!"

"I'm not a professional athlete but being fit is part of my life with running, biking, weights, and swimming. I have found it hard to find resources that support athletic pursuits during pregnancy and post pregnancy. This book is packed with helpful facts and inspiring stories of strength. A great source of information for baby makers who are training competitively or those who want to pursue fitness and athletic goals."